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Welcome to the CASRA Pennsylvania Website

CASRA Meeting - Wednesday, August 24, 2016, 7:00 PM

Lower Paxton Township Building, 425 Prince St, Harrisburg, PA 17109  Directions - Click Here


  • The LOTG have changed...come and learn the new LOTG. To review all the changes - Click Here

  • If you do youth matches, the modifications for youth matches in EPYSA have changed...come and learn them too. Details - Click Here
  • Nominations for CASRA Officers and Committee Members (see below)

Laws of the Game Rewrite!

There has been a major rewrite of The Laws of the Game (LOTG) for 2016-17.  It is every referee's responsibility to study the changes and apply the new LOTG correctly.  For more details, visit our "Learn the Laws" page.  Click Here

CASRA is seeking nominations of individuals to fill the following positions:

Chapter President – Organizes chapter activities to best serve the members.  Works with the State Referee Administrator and Assistant State Referee Administrator.

Chapter Secretary – Reports on Chapter activities to the members and keeps chapter records.

Chapter Treasurer – Collects dues, maintains the checking account and pays chapter bills.  Prepares financial statements for the membership.

Training Coordinator – Coordinates training topics with the State Director of Instruction.  Schedules Referee Instructors to deliver the training.

League Liaisons – Under the direction of the Chapter President, communicates Referee issues to local leagues as needed.

Adult Referee Committee – (Open to Referees over the age of 19) Works to identify issues specific to Adult referees and make recommendations to the Chapter President and membership about those issues.

Youth Referee Committee – (Open to Referees between the ages of 14 and 19) Works to identify issues specific to Youth referees and make recommendations to the Chapter President and membership about those issues.

Submit Nominations to Bruce Kroeck  email:
Note: Self Nominations are permitted.
If nominating someone else, get their OK first.

Nominations will also be accepted during the August 24th Chapter Meeting.


Tournaments: There are now over 30 tournaments listed for 2016 with links to the tournament webpage and the assignor's email address.  If your favorite tournament isn't listed, send me an email -  Click Here

Question, Comments and Suggestion are always welcomed. email

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